Saturday, May 2, 2009

Help Kayleigh!

I recently discovered the blog of the Freeman Family ( They too had a micro preemie last year. She was smaller than Tessa which I can't even begin to imagine. Their journey has been a rocky one. One filled with ups and downs and little Kayleigh has recently taken a turn for the worse. The doctors are saying she has no brain activity. Just like us, her parents have not given up hope but the trying times have taken a toll on their financial situation. They have faced foreclosure and the possibility that each month they may not be able to pay for their health benefits. Kayleigh's medical bills are around 2 millions dollars at this point.

I tried to think of ways our family could help but as most of you know we are now a one income family. Fortunately we are doing just fine but are in no position to help them financially. But tonight I thought of a way we can help...and you can too!

During the month of May, I will donated 25% of ALL individual orders placed on my website. So now is the time to place an order! Have you been thinking of that perfect expression for your wall but haven't gotten around to placing the order....DO IT NOW!!

Here is my site:

Please pass it along to your friends!

Jesus taught us that we are one body. What affects anyone of us, affects us all. He has taught us that in the measure that we give, we will receive. Won't you help the Freeman family??

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