Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is it too soon for chores??

Cinco de Mayo started out just like any other day. Eat, sleep, poop and laundry. Tessa LOVES to sit on the bed and watch me fold laundry. So I figured I'd let her help. For all of you who REALLY know know laundry is my arch enemy! So I am hoping if I start her early and make it FUN ( it could ever be fun??) Tessa will soon be taking over the laundry duties!! Just kidding....NOT!

"You want me to do what??"

"Okay but the ice cream has to be chocolate!"

I think she likes it!

In the evening we had plans to meet The Howells in Safety Harbor for the towns Cinco de Mayo celebration. Mary and I read online there would be food, drinks and music and that's right up our alley. So we packed up the car and headed that way. Safety Harbor is a small town with a two way street (Main Street) that runs through it. There are a handful of cute shops that are perfect for strolling. I knew once we turned on to Main Street something wasn't right. The spots on the street are usually blocked when events are planned and we didn't see any people walking around. We proceeded to drive around a few more times just in case we missed anything down the streets as we drove by. We finally met up with Dan and Mary and they too were confused as to why we were the only people in Safety Harbor out to celebrate the 5th of May. So we wandered down to a little restaurant and ate. Before parting we posed for pictures and spoke again about the lack of interest in the celebration we read about online. When we got back home I was still curious and got on the internet to check it out. The calendar of events that both Mary and I had seen was from 2006. We were 3 years late! Better late than never!!!!

Tessa waiting for the "party" to start....

She's in there....I promise!

mommy and Maggie Simpson....

Much better without the binkie!

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