Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was bound to happen...

I'm going to spare you the photos....

Some of you may not know but Tessa isn't what you would call "regular"... I'm talking poop here. Before incorporating prunes into her diet, we were lucky to get a poopy diaper every 3 days or so. And when we did it was pretty solid. Now, I'm not complaining but on more than once occasion I would tell Tony that I couldn't wait for the day I had to change Tessa's clothes because she had a blow-out.

About 2 months ago we introduced her to stage one baby foods and she only took to prunes and pears. After doing some research I discovered that these two food help you become shall I say....REGULAR. So yesterday, as we are getting ready for our interview with Deborah from the Bayfront Baby Place Foundation (I'll talk more about that in a minute) I decided to feed Tessa to ensure a happy baby for the meeting. While feeding her I continued to hear this "bubbling" sound and just thought it was her usual gas. Upon finishing, I picked her up to discover a brown pattern on the belly of her pink onsie. This was not a pattern that was on this outfit 30 minutes ago when I dressed her. Like any proud mama, I grabbed the camera before heading to the changing table. I was soooooooo excited. Our 1st outfit change due to an explosion. As I assessed the situation I quickly discovered it was not as confined as I thought it would be. There was brown seeping through everywhere. It was so far up her back it was almost coming out the collar of her shirt. I quickly called Tony and I could tell he had no idea the extent of the poo. So I did what anyone would do in this situation...snapped a pic on my Blackberry and forwarded it to him. If I hadn't of called him ahead of sending it he may have thought I covered her in chocolate...YUMMY!

As I sat there trying to figure out how to get this over her head without making her eat it I snapped a few pics with the camera and then decided I had to pull it off from the bottom. The look on Tessa's face was priceless. I think she was just as disgusted as I was...keep in mind it was the first time for us both! Once I got the onsie off she was stilled covered in poo so I quickly ran her into the shower. No problem...this should work. Yeah right....I pumped a little too much Johnson & Johnson into my hand and before I knew it she was pretty slick and I was praying to not drop her. To avoid a drop I had to hold her tight to my chest which then covered my shirt and shorts in poo....YES there was that much poo! Needless to say we both ended up nekid!

Aside from worrying about dropping my little angel in the shower the whole event was very comical. So like I said...I'm going to spare you the photos but I promise to post another update in the next day or so!

Oh....since this one went so long....I'll explain the interview with the foundation in the next post!

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  1. GIRL! Been there! I remember my little constipated babies... "What can we do doctor?" Ummm... Not really an issue now! Just wait until Miss Tessa takes her diaper off at naptime and you make that great discovery! NOT AWESOME! BTW, I took a picture too. Ryan needed to see just what a crappy day looks like in case he thinks he's having one!