Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sit Pita...Good Girl!

Well, Pita (our English Pointer) isn't the only one sitting these days.....Tessa is too! I hear it's actually called a tripod sit - but who cares what it's called she is sitting! This occurance only lasts a good 5-10 seconds then she slowly falls to the side. It's pretty sweet!

Reminds me of a baby arangatang...I just want to eat her up!!!

Today we finally broke down and had professional pictures taken of Tessa...and a few of the rest of us. Ever since Tony bought me my fancy new Canon camera I've felt guity asking to have pictures taken. The dang thing cost so much and the instruction booklet is so's takin me FOREVER to figure out how to use it. Not long ago we got wind of Ashley Lafler who is trying to build her photography business and she only charges $75 to come out, take a some pics, do some editing and then sends you a CD with all your photos. HOW GREAT IS THAT!!??

Beware - I couldn't pick just 1 or 2 to post so there are MANY!
For the record...she does smile a lot and laugh a lot! The camera brings out her serious side!

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  1. yeah! so glad you found me too!!!! It is nice knowing someone in the same boat that has overcome so much. Your little girl is so beautiful and i love that name!!! We were recently moved from our NICU and have been adjusting, sorry trying to adjust to our new place in the child hosp . It is great being able to stay 24/7 with Evan, a good practice for going home! Tonight I changed his ostomy bag for the 1st time w-out the help of the NICU nurses, it was so exciting and nerve racking at the same time! keep in touch! Jess