Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are on a roll...

I think I have updated this new blog more in the last week than I did the old one in the 4 months we had it!!! Someone call A&E...I need an intervention...I'm clearly addicted!

Tessa on the other hand is literally on a roll...or should I say wheel...four of them! We brought out the walker and let her take it for a spin. Well, not really a spin but I bet it won't be long before I'm chasin' her around!

Today Tessa is 9 months old!!! Holy moly I need to start planning her party!


  1. Hi Tiffany. I found your site on myfamily. I just started selling UL to supplement our 'one family income'. We, too, had a daughter born premature - 9 weeks - with a congential heart defect. We spend a lot of time at Riley Children Hospital. We have been very blessed! Our doctors have not been able to explain how Breanna has recovered from two major surgeries as quickly as she has. The first one, at 16 days old to repair the D-Transposition of the Great Arteries, a Septal Defect, and an incomplete atrioventricular canal. She came home 3 weeks to the day after having this surgery which also happened to be 2 weeks before her due date. She was 4 lbs 15 ounces when she came home on a feeding tube. Within two weeks was off her feeding tube, exclusively breastfeeding, and within a month off all cardiac medications. She just had a second surgery to remove adnoids and tonsils which were enlarged to the point (from pre-surgery meds) of causing post-op sleep apnea. And tubes were placed to try and release negative pressure in her ears that is causing partial deafness. We were prepared for a weeks stay after this surgery. She was released less than 24 hours post-op. She is unable to go to daycare as well, because of her weakened immune system. We have three other small children (7 and under), so Breanna gets Synagis shots, has home health come once a week to check vitals, etc., and we rarely take her out in public during flu season. Our site is

    We will try to figure out how to help this family as well.

  2. Hi Casondra! Your little girl is a fighter! Glad she is doing well! So are you addicted to UL like me??!!! I am actually expecting a package today! I am re-doing Tessa room. He furniture was recalled and we had to get all new stuff so I decided to buy some new expressions...any excuse to redecorate!