Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did you hear that?!?!

Not too much has been going on around here...unless you count Tessa POSSIBLY saying mama for the VERY first time. She has become oh so very talkative and the other night while sitting on the sofa with mommy and daddy she MIGHT have said the word that I repeat to her a million times a day. (A therapist told me that mama is usually not the first word of a baby because they have not yet learned to bring their lips together...that they are more likely to say dada before mama. Well, that's all it took to send me on a mission to prove them wrong.) Last week while I was feeding Tessa she brought her lips together and started "saying" mmmmmmmmmmm. I IMMEDIATELY piped in with "mama, mama, mama, mama." Well it didn't word that day. So back to us sitting on the sofa. Tessa and I are "talking" and all of the sudden I think I heard MAMA! I look over at Tony who is smiling...and I screech "Did you hear that?!" His reply..."I wasn't looking at her." HELLO...since when does someone need to be looking at another to hear them???? We both agreed it was nothing we have ever heard her say before. We also agreed that we would not confirm her first word until it was said for the second time and heard by both....but for the record, I KNOW WHAT I HEARD!!!

Here are a few pics from Tessa's first visit to cheer on daddy at his weekly tennis match with Grandpa Ed and Uncles Eddy and Dan.

A little breakfast before heading out. Don't hate on my "feeding" mechanism! A girl has to get dressed somehow!

SHOGGLES....A combination of SHADES and GOGGLES

She wasn't feelin' her shoggles

Where'd they go?

This angle makes it look as if she was taking a self portrait...

It was getting HOT out and we were ready to pack up and head home

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The firsts keep on coming...

A few posts back I listed that our week was full of "firsts" for Tessa. Well, they keep on coming. On Father's Day she took her first dip in the water. Oh, don't worry she is bathed regularly. It was her first dip in a pool. And boy, with this terrible heat we are experiencing, it was so refreshing. On our way to Granny Annie's house we made a stop at good old Walgreen's. Which most of you may be surprised to know is Tony's FAVORITE store. You would be shocked if you knew the things he finds there and what great deals they have. If he could, and he may have, he would totally do all shopping for gifts for me there. His favorite stuff is the As Seen on TV or dog toys. If you are a dog owner they by far have the best deals on dog beds and stuffed toys. Okay so back to the point of my mention of Walgreen's. We stopped and I was instructed to run in and find something for Tessa to use in the pool. I must admit I never in a million years thought I'd find something fit for my little princess to float in. Well, we did and man-o-man was is the BEST $12.99 EVER spent.

Ready for the Derby...I mean DIP

This would be IT...the BEST $12.99 EVER spent!

Even Sebastian took a DIP

Can't give enough kisses....I mean those cheeks are so juicy!

Oh...the life!

All dry and back home!

On Monday Tessa had her first baking experience. Her Grandmas would be so proud...I think she is a natural in the kitchen....let's hope!

Watching a little TV while mom gets the kitchen ready...
Don't you just love that FABULOUS hair accessory? It's her new Bitty Bloom from Little Lesiw!

She wasn't too sure at first...

Then she laid eyes on the scraper and it was on!

Soon she preferred it over the paci!

And eventually it became a "teether"

You would think that thing had raw cookie dough all over it!

Don't worry I licked it all off before I gave it to her!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Whether you are celebrating your first (Tony), your 29th (my dad, Brad), your 40th (Tony's dad, Ed) or any other one, I hope you have a wonderful day.

I speak from experience when I say that Tony will soon find out that a father and a daughter have a special bond. Just like the saying goes....
A son is a son until he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.
Tony holding his sweet little girl for the first time

Tessa and Grandpa Brad

Tessa and Grandpa Ed

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my mom still has all of my childhood photos. This was the only one I have of my dad and I. Gotta love those flammable PJ's with feet!

(I still think Tessa resembles a LITTLE me...does anyone else see it?)

I just love this pic of Tony and Ed. Those tube socks are pretty SWEET!

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I lost it...

This past week has proven to be full of first times for us, mostly Tessa.

We visited the NICU for the first time since being discharged. I meant to take my camera but totally forgot. To be honest I probably wouldn't have been able to take any pics anyhow. I was full of tears. The moment I inhaled in the hospital, the smell took me back and I lost it. Then I saw Kris from the BEST Team (lactation) and I lost it again. Then we went thru the NICU doors down near POD 1 and I lost. Then we saw Nanny Stephanie and boy did I really loose it. She was our first primary nurse. Then I saw Dr. Sara and yep, you guessed it...I lost it! Sara was one of the residents on our team. Her first day was 8-3-08, the day Tessa was born. She was actually in the delivery room and helped transport Tessa to All Children's. My last "lost it" happened when I walked over to "the board". This would be the board that all the graduates have their updates posted on. I sent one for Tessa a few months back and looking at the pics made me loose it. The whole experience was pretty much like a Kenny Chesney song...wait....he has a song called I lost it....well I totally did!

Another first was a trip to the beach. Tony and I (mostly I) are not beach people. I know, we live in beautiful Florida....I just hate the sand and the way my legs burn after shaving and jumping in that darn salt water. So no one got in the water but we did get some pretty neat pics!

Tessa got her first bouquet from a boy. I know....she's only 10 months old! We had a date with Jenna (mom of quadruplets) and she brought one of them....Cameron and he brought flowers! He was actually in POD 1 right next to Tessa for a little bit when he was born. His mama sure is teachin' him right! You should have seen the look on Tony's face when I told him they were Tessa's from Cam. He actually had a big 'ol grin...I think he approves!

Having a snack before her lunch date...

Reunited and it feels so good.....

How sweet are these?!

There she is, Miss America....

1st day of Sissy's Summer Camp - Teaching tykes to clean....NOW ENROLLING! Star students can qualify for a scholarship...

Everyone needs to learn how to use a Dyson...

A good sweeper always puts away the cord

It's trash day!

YEAH...our very own MANny!

Oh - and last but certainly not least, I've started planning Tessa's 1st Birthday. It's going to be celebrated on August 8th. A ladybug theme....more details to follow!