Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can you even believe it?

I was sitting here this morning searching through my email for something. Before I knew it I was back in emails sent last August...the month Tessa was born. As you can imagine there were many about her. I clicked on one and 5 pictures popped up. They took my breath away.

These were taken 2 days after she was born....1lb 15oz and 13.5 inches long

You hear people use the term MIRACLE often and I wonder just how aware they are that they really do happen. Tessa is living proof. When she was sick we were told twice that she probably would not make it through the night. Can you even imagine being told your baby may not make it through the night??? But she never gave up and we didn't either.


  1. Goosebumps! God really is amazing! I am often reminded of just what a miracle Tessa is. I look at pics of the Nugs and I think, "Oh, they were so small..." Then, I think of little Tessa next to Cameron in the NICU... SUCH A MIRACLE!

  2. Praise God for making these tiny babies SO STRONG!! I look forward to the day Garrett is as big as Tessa...almost one year!!

  3. Getting pregnant and then having a healthy baby is truly a that I totally took for granted. Then there are ones like ours....born so early or how about you had 4 in there are once (which I am still not sure where you were storing them)...4 times amazing...those are REAL miracles! We are so blessed!