Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did you hear that?!?!

Not too much has been going on around here...unless you count Tessa POSSIBLY saying mama for the VERY first time. She has become oh so very talkative and the other night while sitting on the sofa with mommy and daddy she MIGHT have said the word that I repeat to her a million times a day. (A therapist told me that mama is usually not the first word of a baby because they have not yet learned to bring their lips together...that they are more likely to say dada before mama. Well, that's all it took to send me on a mission to prove them wrong.) Last week while I was feeding Tessa she brought her lips together and started "saying" mmmmmmmmmmm. I IMMEDIATELY piped in with "mama, mama, mama, mama." Well it didn't word that day. So back to us sitting on the sofa. Tessa and I are "talking" and all of the sudden I think I heard MAMA! I look over at Tony who is smiling...and I screech "Did you hear that?!" His reply..."I wasn't looking at her." HELLO...since when does someone need to be looking at another to hear them???? We both agreed it was nothing we have ever heard her say before. We also agreed that we would not confirm her first word until it was said for the second time and heard by both....but for the record, I KNOW WHAT I HEARD!!!

Here are a few pics from Tessa's first visit to cheer on daddy at his weekly tennis match with Grandpa Ed and Uncles Eddy and Dan.

A little breakfast before heading out. Don't hate on my "feeding" mechanism! A girl has to get dressed somehow!

SHOGGLES....A combination of SHADES and GOGGLES

She wasn't feelin' her shoggles

Where'd they go?

This angle makes it look as if she was taking a self portrait...

It was getting HOT out and we were ready to pack up and head home


  1. This one has me laughing girl! SO cute. I wasn't "looking at her" either, but I'm certain she was trying to say mama! The pictures are adorable, especially the self portrait! LOVE IT! Email you tomorrow. I've been a pinch swamped lately, but I'm trying to catch up on stuff.

  2. Yay!! How exciting!!! She is absolutely adorable! :)

  3. Aw, how exciting! Tessa is soo precious!