Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The firsts keep on coming...

A few posts back I listed that our week was full of "firsts" for Tessa. Well, they keep on coming. On Father's Day she took her first dip in the water. Oh, don't worry she is bathed regularly. It was her first dip in a pool. And boy, with this terrible heat we are experiencing, it was so refreshing. On our way to Granny Annie's house we made a stop at good old Walgreen's. Which most of you may be surprised to know is Tony's FAVORITE store. You would be shocked if you knew the things he finds there and what great deals they have. If he could, and he may have, he would totally do all shopping for gifts for me there. His favorite stuff is the As Seen on TV or dog toys. If you are a dog owner they by far have the best deals on dog beds and stuffed toys. Okay so back to the point of my mention of Walgreen's. We stopped and I was instructed to run in and find something for Tessa to use in the pool. I must admit I never in a million years thought I'd find something fit for my little princess to float in. Well, we did and man-o-man was is the BEST $12.99 EVER spent.

Ready for the Derby...I mean DIP

This would be IT...the BEST $12.99 EVER spent!

Even Sebastian took a DIP

Can't give enough kisses....I mean those cheeks are so juicy!

Oh...the life!

All dry and back home!

On Monday Tessa had her first baking experience. Her Grandmas would be so proud...I think she is a natural in the kitchen....let's hope!

Watching a little TV while mom gets the kitchen ready...
Don't you just love that FABULOUS hair accessory? It's her new Bitty Bloom from Little Lesiw!

She wasn't too sure at first...

Then she laid eyes on the scraper and it was on!

Soon she preferred it over the paci!

And eventually it became a "teether"

You would think that thing had raw cookie dough all over it!

Don't worry I licked it all off before I gave it to her!


  1. Avery had/has one of those floaters and she still likes uses it. Now she can get in it and rule the pool. No worries about her flying around the pool. Great investment. My little brother had the version from 20 years ago! And he use to fall asleep in his. Super cute and so much fun!

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention how cute Tessa's bow is, good job winning it for her!