Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tessa's first history lesson

We survived! Got back this afternoon and thanks to the growing spurt my squirt is going through she's been asleep for most of the day and I can share our trip with you!

Let me first start by saying if you live in Florida and have not visited St. Augustine you MUST add that to your vaca list soon. Neither Tony nor I had ever been there and boy was it well worth the drive. Speaking of drive....there took about 4 hours and Tessa slept about 75% of the trip. The ride home took a little less (no wet weather to deal with) and she slept the entire time. She takes after her a little girl we drove a few times a year to visit family in Ohio and my mom and I would pass out as soon as our tushes hit the seat. I was a kid so I didn't feel guilty but my mom didn't seem to either as my dad drove straight through both ways EVERY time!!!

WARNING: More pictures than I am sure you want to see are about to follow! I took close to 300 but don't worry I want you to visit yourself so I only posted 25 or so!

Once everything (an I mean EVERYTHING) was packed there wasn't much room left!

Our navigator double checking the directions

I loaded the car. When we arrived and Tony saw all the stuff we (TESSA) needed for the 4 day trip he said, "I didn't know Paris Hilton was joining us?" Tessa had a lot of STUFF!


This picture turned out better than I thought....I guess screaming from behind the lens and across the street to GET OFF THE SEA WALL WITH HER didn't effect the stabilizer.

The first of MANY "Flat Tessa" pictures.....our version of Flat Stanley

Where we called HOME while in St Augustine

Construction started in 1672 and took 23 years to build this fort

One of my favs from the trip!

Blair Witch - Tessa Style - inside the prison section of the Castillo de San Marcos

US and the Mantanza Bay

Oldest wooden school house in the country

Taking a break to feed the Bank of America....HEY, it was air conditioned!

Got caught in a brief rain shower after the feeding....booked it to the car but not before getting a little wet!

There was great people watching (and canine) on St George Street

Flat Stanley, I mean Tessa @ The Cathedral of St Augustine

Stopped for another feeding at a hotel. This would have been so cute if she was happier and it wasn't so blurry!

Ridin' that train.....a MUST for all visitors. So much AMAZING information!

Don Juan Ponce de Leon did you know he was only 4 foot 11?? And was the tallest person on his ship???

Can you see us?

The Lightner Museum

Dinner @ The Columbia

I really wanted to go on a ghost tour. Tessa and Tony agreed to tag along. I think they are planning their escape....

Like I said I took around 300 pics....mostly of all the history and take it from me there is a lot of history...and not the boring kind!

Henry Flagler was a pretty amazing & interesting man! His hotel was the first to have electricity....his good friend was Thomas Edison. People were so skeptical of this that they were afraid to stay there, afraid of getting electrocuted, so he hired people to flip the switches on and off for the guests. Talk about service!

Oh...and it didn't matter if you stayed a day, 10 or 3 weeks, you were charged for 3 months either way...what a bill that must have been at checkout!

Hope you enjoyed our pics and the little bit of history!

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  1. It's been so long since we've been there, I want to go to the Christmas bed and breakfast tour they have. Yum! Columbia... did you get the 1905 salad? My Fav! Thanks for taking my mind off of things- I loved the pics, we have the same car seat in orange. haha! I know a lot in common right!