Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Hop

I'm trying something new. BLOG HOP....a way to see lots of other blogs. I am hoping to find some more preemie friends and maybe bring some hope to someone dealing with the issues we went through with our little miracle!

This week's theme is "Favorite Photos". While I have about about a million favorite photos of Tessa this one is in the top 5.

5 Generations of Hands

A photo of a photo hanging in Tessa's nursery

This photo was taken about a month and a half after Tessa was born. Her Great Grandma Imogene came from Ohio for a visit. One of the things that makes this pics so much more special is that this was right after the staph infection that became septic....during which we were told TWICE she probably wouldn't make it another 24 hours. Well, she did!
Miracles happen....we have proof!

(click on the photo to see make the framed pic larger!)

The MIRACLE expression is from Uppercase Living

If you'd like to participate just click on the link below

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Very cool photo!
    Just stopping by via the blog hop to say hello!


  2. That is REALLY nice!!

    Happy hopping!

  3. Wow! That picture is amazing!

  4. Great photo and I love the wall graphics. Thanks for the follow :)

  5. Love your picture....This blog hop has been so much fun. You have a great blog.


  6. Amazing photo! I clicked on it to enlarge it and i think you and i have the same rings!!! haha We do have a lot in common. Still here at St. Joes hoping to leave tomorrow. I was a total nut case on Fri when they said we had to wait till mon or tues. Home health is coming mon to teach us how to use the pump. Fingers crossed!!!! My husband overheard the music and loves that Loudin Weinwright song!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! What a precious photo! It made me sigh out loud. I love that you have it framed with that quote. It couldn't be more perfect.

    You daughter is beautiful! What a blessing she must be.