Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miracles happen...more proof!

This will just be a quick post....I'll do an update this weekend. Look out for pics from the family reunion in Atlanta that Tessa and I (and my parents) made a road trip to!

Another one of God's MIRACLES is graduating from the NICU! Tomorrow Mr. Evan will leave the hospital and never look back. He too was born way too soon...weighed LESS than Tessa and has put on an amazing fight! His mommy calls him her tough cookie and he sure is! The feeling they are going to have on Saturday morning is indescribable. Not having to get up and head to the hospital to see your baby...instead to roll over in your own bed and see that precious face....PRICELESS!

Please keep the prayers coming as life has REALLY just begun for Evan and his parents! I have only "known" them through blogging and hope one day to finally meet them in person!

Miracles happen....WE have proof!


  1. Just visited their site! SO happy for them! Can't wait for your trip pics! Was Evan at the same hospital as Tessa and the Nugs?

  2. Ok, I totally love you!!!! Our ins co is giving us the RUNAROUND!!!! on home health care needs that E has, we are so frustrated but know it will work out! I keep telling my husband I can't wait to meet you all!