Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the road again...

Tessa ventured out on her second road trip. This time is was double the time it took to get to St Augustine. Every 4 years my dad's side of the family gets together for the Van Frayen Family Reunion. Since most still live in Ohio and some of us are in Florida, we meet in Georgia at Aunt Ellen and Uncle Mike's house. They are amazing hosts and very gracious to open their house to the festivities for the weekend. In 2005 we had Olympic Games. Each "branch" of the family (aka Countries) competed in Olympic Games. As the Ambassador of Pattersonia, I am PROUD to say we WERE the raining champs. This year many were not able to make it so there weren't "official" games and I am SAD to say our family came in dead last. We've already started training for a comeback in 2013!

Heading over to pick up Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Max @ 3am

Uncle Max wasn't awake

And 20 minutes later neither was Tessa...

8 Hours later!

Only in Georgia!

Grandma snuck Tessa her first Popsicle


Grandpa Van Frayen "hangin out"


No...Tony isn't taking the picture....he didn't come! :(

cousins, cousin, cousins!

O-H-I-O...with 2 sets of twins!

Kiddie Korner

the back of our reunion shirts

Top Chef - Reunion Edition

Porch Pong

We take winning serious...especially when our country is loosing

This poor egg didn't boil like the I dressed him up for the occasion


The Van Frayen Siblings

Pop Trivia night
The whole gang!

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