Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

I was nominated by my soulfriend Jenna for the Honest Scrap Award! "What in the heck is the Honest Scrap Award" you ask?! Well, it is a VERY prestigious award. Only a very select few have EVER been chosen.....nahhhh...just kidding. Basically I share 10 things that you may not know about me. Then I pick 10 friends who I nominate for the Honest Scrap Award in hopes they too will share and I might learn a few things about them that I didn't know!

1. I was an only child for 24 years....YES 24 years!! I have an almost 6 year old brother. Same mom, same dad! Uncle Max is soooo cool!

2. I was almost a common-law wife before I became a REAL wife. It took Tony a few kicks in the butt to finally pop the question but he did and boy am I glad!

3. I hate that Tessa had the start in life that she did but deep down inside (now that she is healthy and okay) I am glad it happened....seriously. I appreciate her and babies in general so much more. Not to mention I would never have met Jenna (who has become a great friend that I wish I had known sooner!!) and Jessica (whom I have yet to meet face to face but hope to do so one of these days) and a few other people that have become close to my heart!!!

4. I LOVE garage sales and thrift stores.

5. I currently have an obsession for frames....big, chunky, antique looking frames. Oh....and they have to be glass! I've got quite the collection and one of these days they will be on a wall in my house like I envision in my mind...

I've saved this Blueprint Magazine cover from 2007 as inspiration!

6. I have no willpower when it comes to sweets. If they are in the house I will eat them....within 24 hours I might add!

7. EVERYDAY I think of a business I want to start. Not kidding! One of these ideas is bound to pay off and make me rich and famous!

8. Speaking of rich and famous....I used to be an actress...if you can even call it that!! I did a lot of print modeling and commercials. I was in VOGUE magazine when I was 11!! I tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club the year Britney, Christina and Justin made it. What were we thinking....I can't carry a tune!!

PROOF: my comp card

9. I also did pageants. I was the title holder for a few state pageants. If it wasn't for my stiff arm I'da been a national queen! See stiff arm below...

Stiff arm was actually 10x worse on stage! I got 1st runner up! ;(

10. I HATE to do laundry...well any house work for that matter but laundry is my nemesis! At any given moment there is about 5 loads in our bedroom that needs to be washed!!!
NO picture will be provided of that!

Well, that is it folks!

I'd like to thank the academy. I'd like to thank God....through him all things are possible. I'd like to thank Jenna who nominated me...without her I would not be writing this today. Okay...okay.....I've always wanted to say those lines!!!

So now comes the time where I pick 10 people to nominate. I'm going to make this easy on myself. Since my sweet little blog only has 12 followers I nominate you ALL to share a little about yourselves. Incase you 12 don't know who you are....

Tool Woman
Amy H
Garrett’s Mommy
Nugget Momma - oh wait, she did it and nominated me! I need a nap!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go Rays!

We took Tessa to her first Tampa Bay Rays game on the 23rd. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place PLUS we have just about every professional sports team just a drive away. As usual Tessa was a dream. She really likes getting out of our "cave"!

sporting her "1st Rays Game" pin

nothing like a good nose pickin at a baseball game....Uncle Max (yes...Tessa has a 6 year old uncle!) looks pretty grossed out by her pickin!

Us being us....GOOFY!

petting the sting rays

I love it when we are all showered and dressed decent...hardly happens these days! Here are a few pics of us on the day Peyton (Dan & Mary's son) was baptized.

Oh....before I forget. Tessa now has 2 teeth and an ear infection! She's been running a fever for a few days now. Poor little thing...but she's still sweet as ever!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ladybug Soiree

I confess....I LOVE to plan parties! So just imagine the thrill I had when a few months back it dawned on me that I needed to start planning Tessa's first birthday celebration. To be honest, I didn't know where to start so I asked all my peeps on facebook for theme ideas. Leave it to my crafty and creative friend Amy to throw-out ladybugs...she had others too but once I heard ladybug I knew that was it! And so the obsession was born!

We celebrated with family and friends on August 8th. Exactly a year from the day I left the hospital after having Tessa....I was baby less. This year was MUCH better!

The baby "cage"...don't judge! If you had 1 year old quadruplets you'd have one too!

For some reason my camera made Tessa's crown grow ladybug spots!?

Tessa took advantage of being the guest of honor...she was very lazy and just felt like laying around instead of sitting like a lady!

Snow cones helped make the EXTREMELY hot day a little better!

She didn't hesitate! What can I say...she takes after her momma when it comes to cake!

5 one year old = great pictures

These beautiful little babes with us are the Walker Quadruplets aka The Nuggets aka Jillian, Jack, Cash and Cameron. They are one of the few VERY special people that have become a part of our lives as a result of Tessa being born premature. Jenna and I were on bed rest together though we didn't meet until the nuggs were born about 5 weeks after Tessa. They too were in the NICU. In a twisted way I am glad that we went through what we did...we would have never met them or some of the nurses who have become great friends!

This photo of me pretty much sums up the day...emotional! I was trying to thank everyone for their support, love and prayers. We were told that if Tessa was born before 28 weeks there was a good chance she'd be blind, deaf or have cerebral palsy. She beat the odds. When she was sick and her kidneys had stopped working we were told TWICE she probably wouldn't make it thru the night. She beat the odds. Now, tell me that wouldn't make you cry!
So here are some extra pics for all of you looking for details...
I channeled Martha Stewart and made the invites myself. All the supplies were purchased at Michael's

I searched high and low for the PERFECT ladybug decor. I found CHEESY ladybug stuff or PINK ladybug stuff. Have you ever seen a pink ladybug??
Polka Dot balloons are from Birthday Express

I bought the red cups holding the silverware and painted the black polka dots on them...I told you I was obsessed!!

I originally purchased red plastic table covers. After looking at them for a week thinking they needed a face lift I decided to paint black spots on them. When the paint wouldn't stick I bought paper covers from Birthday Express. While strolling the isles at Michael's one day I found a ladybug stencil. I think they were the PERFECT touch to the party!!

I purchased red party hats for the kids from iParty and painted black polka dots on them but the FABULOUS crown was made by my friend Amy @ True Love Found

The goody bags ended up being a little more work that I expected. I kept struggling with finding things all ages of kids would enjoy. Finally I decided the bags would be for the younger kids only.

The bags included: green bag from iParty, a custom made CD by me with 22 kids songs, ladybug bubbles from Toy Connection, play dough from The Dollar Tree that I added a "thank you" label I made to, and a ladybug crayon from Lil Boo & Company.

Favors for the older kids and everyone else were these DELICIOUS cookies I made. I tried out about 7 sugar cookie recipes until I found the PERFECT one @ Barret Bakes. I also used their Royal Icing recipe.

Instead of a cake I opted for cupcakes. With a party at a park I thought it would be the easiest option. As you can see I did not compromise the theme. I LOVE the way they turned out! The cupcakes are from Publix and the Sugar Ladybugs are from Baker's Nook. shirt was purchased at Wal Mart and I used the same stencil from the table covers on it. Tessa's pillowcase dress was made by one of Tony's clients....I LOVE it. Tessa's shoes were a pair out of her closet that I spruced up by adding some of the foam ladybugs I used on the invites.

I hope you enjoyed our pics as much as we enjoyed the day. Oh....and two days after Tessa turned one she got her first tooth. Once I can snag a pic of it I'll post about a birthday present!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Party #1

What's better than your first birthday party??? Having two of them!!

This is the one we celebrated on Tessa's actual birthday. The 8th was her ladybug party...I'll post pics of that later this week.

The day started with Tessa joining the 1st Birthday Club on Fox 13! I am such a terrible mother...I failed to tell ANYONE about this! I did set the DVR so we have it recorded!

Then is was off to the NICU. We decided to start a birthday tradition. Every year on Tessa's birthday we are going to visit the remind us just how blessed we really are!

We also paid Dr. Biss a visit. The delivery was a tad bit hectic so I never got a pic of them two together. Better late than never!

Before the grandparents arrived Tessa and Daddy did a little photo shoot


WOW...Don't get too excited about turning 1 Tessa! I think she just realized she was getting a bite of that cake....check out those peepers!
YUMMY....Cold Stone IceCream Cake
I am pretty sure she thinks her Uncle Max is a cool dude!

He went to Jared....for Tessa. Looks like I have some competition when it comes to jewels!
She LOVES that purse!
checking herself out in the mirror...
putting on some lipstick...
Were has the time gone??!!