Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go Rays!

We took Tessa to her first Tampa Bay Rays game on the 23rd. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place PLUS we have just about every professional sports team just a drive away. As usual Tessa was a dream. She really likes getting out of our "cave"!

sporting her "1st Rays Game" pin

nothing like a good nose pickin at a baseball game....Uncle Max (yes...Tessa has a 6 year old uncle!) looks pretty grossed out by her pickin!

Us being us....GOOFY!

petting the sting rays

I love it when we are all showered and dressed decent...hardly happens these days! Here are a few pics of us on the day Peyton (Dan & Mary's son) was baptized.

Oh....before I forget. Tessa now has 2 teeth and an ear infection! She's been running a fever for a few days now. Poor little thing...but she's still sweet as ever!


  1. She looks sweeter than ever. Great family shots, family. Still waiting to meet Tessa and I can't wait much longer! :)

  2. Great family pictures. She is such a doll.
    I love your throw pillows. Where did you find them?