Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

I was nominated by my soulfriend Jenna for the Honest Scrap Award! "What in the heck is the Honest Scrap Award" you ask?! Well, it is a VERY prestigious award. Only a very select few have EVER been chosen.....nahhhh...just kidding. Basically I share 10 things that you may not know about me. Then I pick 10 friends who I nominate for the Honest Scrap Award in hopes they too will share and I might learn a few things about them that I didn't know!

1. I was an only child for 24 years....YES 24 years!! I have an almost 6 year old brother. Same mom, same dad! Uncle Max is soooo cool!

2. I was almost a common-law wife before I became a REAL wife. It took Tony a few kicks in the butt to finally pop the question but he did and boy am I glad!

3. I hate that Tessa had the start in life that she did but deep down inside (now that she is healthy and okay) I am glad it happened....seriously. I appreciate her and babies in general so much more. Not to mention I would never have met Jenna (who has become a great friend that I wish I had known sooner!!) and Jessica (whom I have yet to meet face to face but hope to do so one of these days) and a few other people that have become close to my heart!!!

4. I LOVE garage sales and thrift stores.

5. I currently have an obsession for frames....big, chunky, antique looking frames. Oh....and they have to be glass! I've got quite the collection and one of these days they will be on a wall in my house like I envision in my mind...

I've saved this Blueprint Magazine cover from 2007 as inspiration!

6. I have no willpower when it comes to sweets. If they are in the house I will eat them....within 24 hours I might add!

7. EVERYDAY I think of a business I want to start. Not kidding! One of these ideas is bound to pay off and make me rich and famous!

8. Speaking of rich and famous....I used to be an actress...if you can even call it that!! I did a lot of print modeling and commercials. I was in VOGUE magazine when I was 11!! I tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club the year Britney, Christina and Justin made it. What were we thinking....I can't carry a tune!!

PROOF: my comp card

9. I also did pageants. I was the title holder for a few state pageants. If it wasn't for my stiff arm I'da been a national queen! See stiff arm below...

Stiff arm was actually 10x worse on stage! I got 1st runner up! ;(

10. I HATE to do laundry...well any house work for that matter but laundry is my nemesis! At any given moment there is about 5 loads in our bedroom that needs to be washed!!!
NO picture will be provided of that!

Well, that is it folks!

I'd like to thank the academy. I'd like to thank God....through him all things are possible. I'd like to thank Jenna who nominated me...without her I would not be writing this today. Okay...okay.....I've always wanted to say those lines!!!

So now comes the time where I pick 10 people to nominate. I'm going to make this easy on myself. Since my sweet little blog only has 12 followers I nominate you ALL to share a little about yourselves. Incase you 12 don't know who you are....

Tool Woman
Amy H
Garrett’s Mommy
Nugget Momma - oh wait, she did it and nominated me! I need a nap!!


  1. Laughing my arse off here! It's just like one of your emails! ANYTIME I get an email from Tiff (which is like several times a day), I snort from laughing so hard. SOOO classy, I know, but the girl's flipping funny!

    And, Tiff, this is a VERY prestigious award, thank you very much. We could do without the sarcasm dearest. Kidding!

    Thoughts on this post (because I'm so sure everyone wants to know them):
    1) Uncle Max does ROCK!
    2) Glad you and Tony tied the knot. You're a totally rad couple!
    3) I’m secretly glad for our NICU stay too. But like you, just for the bonds we share.
    4) Wish I had time to thrift with you. Hey, if we brought my crazy kids, they would probably just give us the stuff to make us leave...
    5, 6, 7) Right there with you.
    8, 9) HOLY HAIR!
    10) Don't mind laundry. HATE ironing!

  2. I am only funny to keep up with you....SERIOUSLY!! You are my idol!! Not joking here!

    I say lets go thrifting and I bet you will be right...I can see it now...."PLEASE just take that empy piece of crap frame and don't forget your screaming kids!!"

    Oh...and for the record....those are NOT extensions....its the REAL deal!!!

  3. For the record..I have two cool kids.Tiffany's Grandma(my MOM)got us going to yard sales about 30 years ago.It was fine when she was little but as she got older she hated it. Did not want to be caught at one. People would think she got her clothes there. She would lay down in the back seat and hide.When Grandma came to visit she would have to pay Tiffany to go with us so that we could go. You are my BEST bargain finding BUDDY. I love you and I am so PROUD of YOU.

  4. Thanks for the nomination. I'll be thinking of my answers for my next post! Loved this!