Monday, August 10, 2009

Party #1

What's better than your first birthday party??? Having two of them!!

This is the one we celebrated on Tessa's actual birthday. The 8th was her ladybug party...I'll post pics of that later this week.

The day started with Tessa joining the 1st Birthday Club on Fox 13! I am such a terrible mother...I failed to tell ANYONE about this! I did set the DVR so we have it recorded!

Then is was off to the NICU. We decided to start a birthday tradition. Every year on Tessa's birthday we are going to visit the remind us just how blessed we really are!

We also paid Dr. Biss a visit. The delivery was a tad bit hectic so I never got a pic of them two together. Better late than never!

Before the grandparents arrived Tessa and Daddy did a little photo shoot


WOW...Don't get too excited about turning 1 Tessa! I think she just realized she was getting a bite of that cake....check out those peepers!
YUMMY....Cold Stone IceCream Cake
I am pretty sure she thinks her Uncle Max is a cool dude!

He went to Jared....for Tessa. Looks like I have some competition when it comes to jewels!
She LOVES that purse!
checking herself out in the mirror...
putting on some lipstick...
Were has the time gone??!!

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