Sunday, September 6, 2009

Craft day @ The Walker Crib

Friday, Tessa and I packed up and headed over to the NUGGET'S house for a craft day. (Oh...before I forget if you click on NUGGETS it will take you to their site and they are hosting a giveaway/contest. All you have to do is guess which costumes you think Jenna got for them to wear this year. The winner will get $25 off their order at and ALL guessers will get a code for 10% an order!) Okay...back to my story. So we head over for craft day to help Jenna get ready for Jillian, Cameron, Cash and Jack's first birthday celebration. We had hopes of getting TONS of stuff done but as you can imagine 5 one year olds need lots of attention...well at least mine did. Sweet little Tessa still needs her momma close by...see pic below of Tessa in the sling. And I thought she was too big for those! I also had hopes that Tessa would learn an thing or two about crawling...I know I am NUTS...why do I want her to be crawling?! She didn't actually pick up the technique but we did notice her feet scootin around a few times. I think she has actually figured out what those things are for! I told Jenna a few more craft days and Tessa just may be mobile!!

I'm not sad because Tessa is too heavy....I'm sad 'cause the stinker grabbed the recipe when I wasn't looking and took a few nibbles out of it! Look at her....she looks rabid! She's still fighting me for it!

Jack had is eyes on Tessa's paci
Going in for the steal
robbed by momma!
Notice Miss Lazy Pants...aka this next series of pics...
she must have decided laying on her back was easier...TURTLE TURTLE!
Mr. Cameron...even though he discovered one of his nostrils that day, Tessa still loves him!
I know what you are in the heck do they keep those sofas white??? Don't know but they do!
Bye Bye Nuggets! Could they be any cuter! I just want to eat them up!!! With a spoon!

While there I also tried out a recipe I might use when I am a guest blogger over at Or so she says later this month. I wasn't too sure about the "pie"...maybe because when I pulled it out of the oven it had swelled up like a balloon?? But Jenna and her parents assured me it was DELICOUS! Or were they just trying to keep me happy in hopes I'd come back and make lunch again??!!

I made two...this is the PRETTY one...not the balloon!

Speaking of recipes....I've started another blog. Something I am trying out before I make it an actual business. It will be a site that one can log on to and get recipes that correlate with their local grocery store sale ads. This will be a HUGE time and money saving service that I think many will enjoy or at least benefit from. The blog is Deals into Meals...take a peek around and PLEASE give me some feedback!

Speaking of starting another blog...I started another one. If you are keeping track that would make the count 3! For those of you that know my mom aka The Wizard you know she is by far, hands down THEE BEST bargain shopper there is. I've been telling her for years to open a store or start a site with all her deals. Well, after a tip she gave me this weekend I couldn't stand it any longer. I sat down and started the blog myself. You MUST check it will NOT be dissappointed!!! Steals, Deals and Heels is the name of it and I am SUPER excited to share our bargain highs with the world!!
That is it for now! We hope you have a safe and relaxing Labor Day!!


  1. Love all your blogs and love you! We DID enjoy the lunch you so kindly prepared. It was fantastic! And, yes, we want you to come do it again. I have some more cute pics to send you too! Thanks again girl!

  2. haha Tessa is just chillin in those playpen pics. I dig her style.

  3. Are you still doing Uppercase Living? I just discovered that lil jewel from the Nugget's blog. I just revamped my laundry room and used a wall decal. LOVE to follow.
    Anyway, I want to redo the boys' bathroom, but don't have a lot of room or wall space to work with. I need some help! Loved all the pics on UL. Very cute.