Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Days of our Lives....

Like anyone, some of our days are busier than others. From physical therapy twice a week to random doctors appointments scattered about to rooting on her favorite baseball team Tessa is becoming a true socialite!

I finally remembered to take the camera with us to therapy. This is a swing that helps strengthen her stomach muscles and helps with balance.

This contraption is a standing device. With Tessa's drop foot she isn't able to flatten out her foot and stand. This helps her do just that!

Then we roll her around the office...Tessa LOVES it!

She got a BIG GIRL car seat this week. She seems to like it but it sure isn't convenient like the other one when she falls asleep. I already miss the luxury of being able to just pick up the seat and snap it into the stroller and go!

Cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays...I swear she was having a good time!!!

See..... better wash your paws before you touch me!!!

Playing at home on mommy and daddy's bed!

The is the best photo I have of her chompers...she has 2 of them!!!


  1. I'm tired just from reading about your day! Holy smokes, you've been busy! I am so glad you posted the P.T. stuff, I've always wondered about what goes on at those sessions! It's great that she enjoys it too! And, she makes one cute little cupcake!

  2. She is just too cute in that device that makes her stand up. Does she like it? Love the new carseat.

  3. Tessa looks wonderful! I understand the busy days, but can't think of anything/anyone who is more worth it!