Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Dog

Oh....a hot dog with loads of chili and cheese sounds so good right now but that is not what this post is about.

Before I get into the real meaning of Hot Dog I thought I'd share a little story with you. When I was pregnant I CRAVED hot dogs and I guess there is something in them that pregnant woman should avoid. Tony, being the good father to be, did his best to keep me from my craving. One night we joined some friends for a Tampa Bay Rays game...MC Hammer was in concert there that night. I begged for a hot dog even saying "There are people that do crack and their babies turn out okay....can I PLEASE have a darn hot dog??!!" He gave in and I got one. I can still taste that thing now...nothing beats a ballpark frank!! Well, a few days later my water broke. It was either the dog or MC Hammer....guess we'll never know!

So back to the Tony came home with a present for Tessa. (something I pointed out on TV this weekend that would be a great gift from SANTA) I guess he couldn't wait another 73 day and 14 hours ( YES I am counting!!) to give it to her. The gift was Hot Dog Mickey. Tessa LOVES her some Mickey's Clubhouse in the morning. It just so happens that Aunt Angie was over with Aidan along with Granny Annie. Let me just say that Aidan isn't the sitting on the floor type....he's usually all over the place SERIOUSLY!! But Hot Dog Mickey seemed to capture his attention and he didn't let go....

I'd give LOTS of money to know what they are thinking!!!

Note to self: teach Tessa to ask for diamonds!


  1. Mmmmm! HOT DOGS! I had the SAME craving! And, I'm pretty sure it was the Hammer, NOT the hotdogs, if it was anything, because I gave into the craving on more than one occasion. Way I see it, I could give in once for each baby, right?

    Anyway, we would like for T to bring Hot Dog Mickey for a visit! Mostly, we just want to see you two! Thanks for the pics and giggle!

  2. Tiffany - They are both so darn cute!!! Thank you for the pictures.

    A proud grannie

  3. they have a Hot Dog Goofy?? He has my favorite dance from Mickey's Club House (which Garrett laughs at each morning, though I don't think he really gets it!!).
    Tessa is beautiful and is growing so much!

  4. I don't get how it is a hotdog Mickey...I don't see him holding a hotdog in his hand???? Pictures are very cute!!

  5. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog..
    I hope those gators don't beat the hogs.. :)

  6. HI! I just a post about darling onesies you made for some quads at Crap I've Made. Those are so cute! I looked over some of your blog hoping to find something more about what you made. Do you have a post? I would like to feature the onesies on my blog for creative ideas and would like to link to your blog and hopefully a post about it. BTW, Your daughter is so cute and definitely spoiled with love and attention. Gratefully, she survived her first few months so she can enjoy your love. I can tell you are amazing parents!!!