Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Listen up!!

Last year I was asked to participate in the All Children's Radiothon. Well...it is that time of year again! I SERIOUSLY can't believe it has been a whole year!!

Tessa was still in the NICU when I did it so as you can imagine it was a very emotional interview. One thing that sticks out in my mind is being asked to tell the listeners how big Tessa was when she was born....1 pound 15 ounces...but who really knows what that means?? So I blurted out, "She was as big as a squirrel!" Something I had heard my dad say when he tried to describe her size to people.

So, this year I thought I'd bring along a few things.....

Tessa's 1st diaper, her 1st hat and her 1st blood pressure cuff!!

Will you ever look at a BlackBerry, a tennis ball or a AA battery the same again??

So make sure to tune in to US 103.5 around 10am tomorrow! If you are not in the Tampa Bay area click HERE to listen live from their site!

In case I don't post again this week I wanted to ask for prayers for Tessa. She is being admitted to All Children's on Friday. She suffers from Vesicoureteral Reflux (sounds worse than it is)...you and I's urine flows down from the kidneys, through the ureters and then into the bladder. Tessa's abnormally flows from the bladder back into the ureters thus causing urinary tract infections. She's actually been on antibiotics since discharge (actually if you want to get technical she has been on antibiotics for various things since birth!) to avoid a UTI.

They think this was caused by the infection she suffered that resulted in her being medically paralyzed, sedated and place on life support. The medications necessary to keep her alive did some damage to her kidneys but in most cases is corrected over time. They think Tessa's has corrected itself but have to do a procedure to confirm this.

She should be admitted and then discharged in a matter of an hour or two. Her appointment is at 10am. I am not sure if we will get the results then or if we have to wait until we see the Urologist next week. I'll be sure to keep you posted!!

I'll leave you with Tessa's newest gift from daddy...I swear he needs to save some of these fancy toys for Santa!!!

Seeing her LIFE SIZE Dora for the 1st time!

I think Tessa is a little intimidated!

Nothing a few smooches can't cure!

We can't forget Mickey!

What is up with babies and tags? Dora had a HUGE tag!



Crack kills! And hers is killing me!!!

My little plumber!


  1. Praying all goes well Friday. I know you'll do a fantastic job on the air! I hope I can catch some of it. May have to switch some things around. Hmm... The giant Dora is awesome and a little scary all at the same time. I think your little plumber has her papa right where she wants him!

  2. praying for you! Love the little plumber pic...soooo cUTE
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    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  3. Hope everything went well with the Radiothon! I read your blog too late to listen, but I know you can reach out to so many NICU mom's and listeners. Hopefully your story got them thinking!!
    It was hard to tell people about Garrett because they just couldn't understand how tiny these little miracles are! Tessa = squirrel; Garrett = 20 oz bottle of coke! Small, but strong and stubborn (and we wouldn't have it any other way)!!!!

  4. praying..praying..praying!
    Oh, and that plumber is too funny.

  5. praying things go well on Friday - all good thoughts your way! That is a good reminder of where she started with the size comparisons - unbelievable, really! Miss you and missed MNO last week!