Thursday, October 22, 2009

Martha Stewart who???

On MANY occasions I find myself hopping around from blog to blog in the middle of the night. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Crap I've Made and the cutest DIY onesie ever made....SERIOUS! Too bad it was for a boy. So I started thinking of all the boys we know that would look pretty darn cute handsome in it. The Walker boys popped into my head first...but what about sweet little Jilly??

So I thought and thought....and this is what I came up with...

3 ties and a necklace!!!

Do yo know how hard it is to find CUTE matching clothes for 3 boys and a girl? You probably don't but it is!!! Pretty much impossible....something not too girly and not to boyie (is that a word?) or something that is the exact same thing in blue and pink?? IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YA!!

Well, those lead to this....

which lead to these....

Okay...I am SERIOUSLY addicted to these appliqued onesies. I went to Joann's twice in one day...then to Walmart....then to Target!!!

For the record....I will NOT be opening an store...I will NOT be selling these they will be gifts for all your kids for their next birthdays or for Christmas...HERE is the tie onesie project....HERE is the site where I found LOTS of FREE templates! Oh...and I'll do a step by step post on the necklace onesie SOON! Keep checking back!

And since this IS Tessa's blog I thought I'd include her....



  1. Where do I begin?! LOVE the new blog layout! You sneak! Didn't even tell me it was in the works!

    The onesies are AMAZING! I still think an etsy store is in order!

    Love you! Love you're cool stuff! LOVE to be the guinea pig for your new addiction!

  2. did you sew those or iron them on? ADORABLE! really, no etsy shop?
    Hannah Anderson has cute coordinating outfits.

  3. I ironed them....hoping they hold up in the wash. I don't know how to sew but may have to figure it out if the Wonder Under doesn't hold up!!

  4. Madden is a 2T if you are ever in the mood for little men tshirts!!!! Very cute and crafty. Let me know how it holds up after a wash.