Monday, October 26, 2009

My Pumpkin

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is October! Here in Florida when you step outside you'd think it was July. I hate to even go out and get the mail....I KNOW that is BAD!!!

Despite the heat we loaded up and headed to a pumpkin patch. Is it just me or are all of you just as discriminating as I am when it comes to picking pumpkins?? The right shape...not to tall and not too round...keeping in mind if it is too big that means more work when it comes to removing the "guts"! Oh and it has to be just the right shade of orange with a pretty stem.....PRETTY STEM?? Not too many bruises and NO soft spots! I don't even know how I found any with all those requirements?!

I SWEAR I walked around for at least 30 minutes before I decided on the 1st perfect one. Tessa and Tony had just about had it when I decided that I best hurry up and just pick a few more and get home.

But before I went to picking we got to that is! Take a look at my pumpkin!

I HAD to get the smallest one they had.....


  1. Cute...I can't wait to take Garrett next year to get his pumpkin patch pictures!

  2. YES! I am just as neurotic about my pumpkin picking. HA! Fall has found it's way here. It's rainy and COOL.

  3. You have the biggest pumpkin of them all - Tessa.
    These pictures are adorable and put me the the Fall/Thanksgiving mood!