Sunday, November 15, 2009

Destination: Destin

We packed up the car Friday and headed north. Our destination was Destin Florida for the wedding of our friends Jennifer and Justin. The trip would normally take one about 7 hours but with a 1 year old it took a tad longer....and missing an exit and not noticing it for about 30 miles didn't help either! We safely made it about 9 hours later and quickly hit the sack!

Upon waking the next morning I got up and got myself ready for breakfast. I made a few phone calls when Tony asked me why on Earth I was calling people so early in the morning. I looked at my phone and couldn't understand why he was concerned??? Little did I know our road trip had taken us right out of the Easter timezone and smack dab into the Central one! Thank goodness the peeps I called were still Eastern!! We time traveled!

Here are a few pics from our journey!

The only thing open after waking so early was Bass Pro Shop and Tessa LOVED it!

the BEST camo hat ever....can't even see her!!!

sittin in a tree stand

The Church and ceremony was beautiful!

Cocktail hour was was an amazing view but very windy!

Sp we made our way inside away from the wind and found the Gators on TV!

Tessa was happy to be out of the wind and daddy was happy to be able to see some of the game

I'm thinking Tessa wasn't very happy with the way the Gators were playing!? Such a sour face!

After the first dance they played Better Together by Jack Johnson....Tessa's favorite song! She squealed like a pig....she loves her some Jack Johnson!

The "time travel" made Tessa sleepy extra early!

The was taken in the car about 3/4 of the way home....she was so OVER our journey!!!


  1. I loved all the pictures! Tessa is just so darn cute! The view was amazing!

    Want to do the time warp again sometime?

  2. I like the new look. T. looks like a very well rounded gal in her formal attire and camo.