Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just another day in Paradise!

First off I wanted to update everyone on Tessa's results from her tests last week at All Children's. I am soooooo happy to report that the reflux in her kidneys is GONE!!! And we have been released from another specialist!! GOD is GREAT!!

Down here in Florida we are blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches. I, myself, HATE the beach...not sure if it is the fact that I have to put on a swimsuit, the sand or the saltwater....but I can count on 1 hand how many times I have been in the last 10 years!

Now that we have Tessa I am trying to make a point of going more so we packed up the car and headed down to watch a breath-taking sunset.

Once again I had a HARD time picking just a few....

this was about the time she discovered how YUMMY the sand was!

"No Tessa, we don't eat the sand, we play with it"

yea right daddy!!!

Back in July I posted a few pics of Miss Tessa in an outfit that was mine when I was a tot. Today I got out a few more and took some pics. I also played around with the photo editor a little...


  1. Beautiful pictures at the beach...that is one thing I wish we were closer to! Glad to hear that the results of her tests last week were positive! Crossing one more specialist off the list is one of the best feelings!!

  2. Love the frilly pink outfit and bonnet. I can totally see you in that as a baby. Glad to hear all the tests came back positive. Love the beach pics. Do one of a bare bum shot in the sand from behind in b&w. I used it one year as a christmas card!!!! Add a santa hat and photoshop only it red and you are good to go!!!!

  3. Love these pictures at the beach. We have so much to be thankful for - living close to the beach, but especially our little angel getting a good report from the Dr. Our God reigns! She looks so beautiful in your clothes - she is so girly!!


  4. Yay for the fantastic news!!

    These pictures are so adorable! You were able to get some really amazing shots! :)