Thursday, November 19, 2009

There's no place like home!

Today marks a WHOLE year that Tessa has been home! After spending 3.5 months in the NICU we got to bring our TINY baby girl home on November 19, 2008.It was such a nerve racking day. We were so dang excited to get her out of that germy hospital but so dang scared to bring here to our germy house!

Some of the things that ran through my head that day....What if she doesn't sleep? What if she sleeps too much? How will I know if she is dehydrated (I still think about that OFTEN!) What if I drop her? Now this one may have just been a weird worry that only I thought of but I was terrified that when going thru a doorway I would bang her head on it!! WHAT??? I know....I never did....until a few months ago and it wasn't too hard....but is that something any of you ever thought of?? And speaking of banging heads sweet little Tessa rolled off the sofa yesterday as I ran into the kitchen to grab some paper and a pen. Tessa isn't very mobile yet so falling of the sofa hasn't been a huge concern...until now! No real visible marks and she seemed to be okay after the initial shock. As for heart is still broken and I think it will be some time before I forgive myself!!

Well....I am HAPPY and BLESSED to say she survived the first year at home....aside from that roll off! And can I add that she hasn't even been sick....well a runny nose once and a debatable ear infection but nothing else!! Not sure if that is a good thing...she either has a SUPER gene that is keeping her healthy or I am such a freak about germs that she really hasn't come into contact with many...???

I went thru the HUNDREDS of pics taken over the last year and then it donned on've seen them all! So here are pictures of her NICU Journey. I must warn you, there was a period when she was VERY sick and did not look like a baby should but I am posting those just to remind you (an me) just how amazing Tessa is and how she truly is a miracle!!

Sweet TINY Tessa....less than 24 hours old

The first time in momma's arms ~ 8-11-08

Daddy's BIG hand ~ 8-13-08

First time in daddy's arms ~ 8-14-08

Max, meet your niece Tessa ~ 8-19-08

Starting to get VERY sick and retain this point she was medically sedated and paralyzed and on a high frequency ventilator~ 8-29-08

Her poor little body retained so much fluid to fight off the one point her white blood cell count was the highest the NICU had ever seen ~ 8-31-09

She had so much edema that if you pressed on her skin with your finger the indent would last for minutes before it went back. Her skin had stretched so much that she began to peel and bruise ~ 9-6-08

On the mend...and taking her time "waking up" ~ 9-14-08

4 generations...Great Grandma Imogene, Grandma Marsha, Mommy and Tessa ~ 9-14-08

My little skin head...starting to open her eyes again ~ 9-25-08

Daddy helping her get comfy ~ 10-4-08

Stylin & profilin...even wearin shoes ~ 10-9-08

Just hanging out in some micro preemie clothes ~ 10-11-08

NICU CRIBS ~ 10-13-08

No more breathing tube! This pic and the next reminds me of Kenny Chesney....have you seen him with is cowboy hat off??? ~ 10-19-08

Knock Knock it' sweet lil ol' Tessa ~ 10-19-08

Having a bottle for the first time courtesy of daddy ~ 10-23-08

Happy Halloween ~ 10-31-08

Movin on the 3rd floor nursery....can you say DISCHARGE??!! ~ 11-14-08

Nurse Stephanie telling Tessa to behave when she goes home and to stay healthy ~ 11-15-08

Car seat Test ~ 11-18-08

The day has FINALLY come...saying goodbye to our daytime nurses...Stephanie 1 and Stephany 2. Tessa doesn't seem to be as excited as I was to blow that joint! ~ 11-19-08

Last pic in the NICU ~ 11-19-08

First pics at home ~ 11-19-08

There's no place like home!

Straight from Heaven....

Before you log off I want to ask that you think of and say a prayer for all the babies in NICUs right now and for all the babies that will never leave the hospital. We have been blessed beyond words!


  1. Wow, you must love looking through these photos and seeing how far she's come! Truly amazing! My eyes are filled with tears. I'm glad you've have your little family all together at home for 1 whole year now!

  2. Wow, I was coming to congratulate you on winning my giveaway and your post brought me to tears. She is a beautiful baby. Such a strong little girl. I sent you an email about your winnings.

  3. Congrats on being home a year. I enjoyed seeing your little Tessa grow through these NICU pictures. God is so good.

  4. Tessa brought us a lot of tears, worries and sleepless nights at the hospital. Now she brings us SOO much LOVE and JOY. I am so proud of you Tiffany. You are a WONDERFUL Mommy. I hope you and Tessa have the same Mother - Daughter relationship that you and I have. You both bring me so much joy. Love MOM