Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sittin with Santa

I haven't had any plans to have Tessa's picture taken with Santa for 2 reasons....the SWINE virus is supposed to be all over him from all those kiddos...and why put her through a scream fest because I am certain she will be terrified of him.

So this morning we headed to the mall so Tony could pick up a few things for some clients. When we first got there Mr. Claus was no where to be found...YIPPEE!!! As we walked around and finally started heading back to the car parked near Macy's I saw him....and so did Tony.

He had JUST arrived and I could tell by the twinkle in Tony's eyes that he wanted my sweet little healthy Tessa to sit on his lap. I looked down at Tessa, dressed in brown and pink, far from her Christmas best and thought "If he just got here then there should be NO traces of PIG on him!" "OKAY...let's do it!" By the time we got near two other little ones were in line. I observed them to make sure there were no signs of runny throwing up...CHECK!!!

Luckily the little boy just before us wasn't too fond of Santa and threw a MAJOR fit thus making his parents scurry off in embarrassment. less germy kid that DIDN'T contaminate Santa!! I was still certain though that Tessa would NOT take a linking to this jolly man....BOY was I WRONG!!!

Now, I probably am a little bit bias but these have to be the best photos of a 1 year old on Santa's lap minus the fact she isn't dressed accordingly. They were so good that we couldn't pick just one and had to buy them all!!!

Santa, is that beard REAL???

Are you sure????

Santa got the BIGGEST chuckle out of her! I'm surprised you can't see me in this picture...I ran over as fast as I could to pry his hair from her fingers. In true Santa fashion he replied...."Oh, she's okay!"


  1. Any you kidding me!? She is the best...I will call you about us coming in two weeks,

  2. Those are precious!!! Glad to hear that she has a good visit with a non-germy Santa!!

  3. They are talking business in that top picture.
    So adorable.

  4. Those pictures are priceless. It doesn't matter what she's wearing, she always looks too cute for words. Thanks for posting these pictures, Tiff.

  5. thats seriously so sweet how she is touching him. Last year one of my kids was looking at Santa and the other was actually got a really SWEET pic!

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  6. It's not just you, they really ARE the best pics of a 1-year-old with Santa! Love that girl!