Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Pneumonia!!

Just wanted to give an update....

Got a call yesterday from the pedi and the chest xray showed no sign of Pneumonia! Tessa still has a "chunky" cough but thanks to the antibiotics, rest and breathing treatments I think she is feeling a little better!

THANK YOU for all your thoughts, prayers and kind words!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Albuterol is our friend!

Well....Tessa got worse today so I loaded her up and headed to the pediatrician. I felt so bad going back for the 3rd time in a week but since this is her first time being sick I really have no idea what is "normal". They really are the BEST office...they NEVER make me feel like a freak and always listen to my crazy antics!

We got an Albuterol breathing treatment while there (Tessa used to get those all the time while in the NICU) and a shot of some SUPER antibiotic...yes a shot! I had no idea they could give them in shot form. Dr. Lisa said since the one we are currently on is not helping the ears and obviously not helping the congestion we should switch but she didn't want to wait a few days for it to kick in. So Tessa took it like the big girl she is and only cried for maybe 10.3 seconds!

Dr. Lisa also said she wanted us to go to the hospital. Now some of you might have had a heart attack when HOSPITAL was mentioned but I truly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew the HOSPITAL meant we would finally know if this "cold" is something serious. So we headed over to All Children's (our first visit as a patient since the NEW one opened 2 weeks ago) and had a chest xray. We were there for a whole 30 minutes and then on our way home.

I don't' have the results yet and don't expect to until tomorrow. Dr. Lisa said she really didn't think much would be seen in the xray so she wouldn't bother me during the evening but she wanted the scan to be safe rather than sorry.

In good mommy and daddy fashion we took this opportunity to snap some memories....

She is soooooooo her daddy's girl! He MUST have Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup when sick....and guess what was the ONLY thing she would eat yesterday and today???

Notice the hospital ID band on the leg? And the red face?? Poor thing already has sensitive skin and this runny nose and mama wiping it raw all day doesn't help!

I woke her up (after smelling something FRESH coming from her diaper) and gave her a treatment tonight....

I am about to finish off my glass of Airborne and pray I don't get sick too. I'll post as soon as we are updated with the results from the xray!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick and Tired!

Tessa is sick...and we are tired! But I am pretty sure she is tired too! This is the FIRST time Tessa has really been sick. There have been times when we thought she was getting sick but she didn't. Last week we made what seemed the 20th trip to the pedi in the last 2 months to have her ears checked. It was confirmed....fluid AGAIN! Tubes ARE in our near future! We started another round of antibiotics....poor girl....she's been on them since my water broke with a break for about 2 months last year. Her poor little teeth are coming in so yellow...but guess least we have teeth! PRAISE GOD!

After our visit to the pedi Tessa's temp peaked at 102.9. I was confident it was the fluid and the fact she was about to cut two molars. We had to delay her BOTOX treatment for her foot drop that was scheduled for last Friday. Yesterday she woke with a runny nose and a CHUNKY cough! So it was back to the pedi! For my peace of mind I asked them to test her for RSV (yep....RSV is why that sign still hangs on our front door!). She was NEGATIVE so it looks like she's got the normal everyday cold.

I feel so bad for her...she's not sleeping well or eating much and she really doesn't understand what is going on. I wish I could just take it away and give it to myself.....but I think it may be too throat has started to hurt! UGH!

Here are some pics of my sick little girl....sick and tired....she's still pretty sweet!

I was thinking for sure this would be our chance to throw out the paci! I mean how could a stuffy nose girl possibly still suck on one? Well....she manages! Guess we'll get rid of him later!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

March for Babies....March for Tessa

This video is why I joined March of Dimes....will you join me or offer support??

(turn OFF the sound playing at the bottom of the blog before you play this!)

Click HERE to visit our team's page. We'd love to have you join us as we March for Babies on April 24th!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh Holy Night...

Before I get to the pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I thought I'd share a few from Tessa's 1st Christmas, last year. I don't know about you but I about fell out of my chair when I looked at them. She's grown so much!! Where does the time go??

These were taken the week before Christmas LAST year. Tessa was 4 1/2 months old (1 month adjusted).

And THIS Christmas...

Christmas morning...she has NO idea what is going on! To be honest I am not even sure she is awake yet!

But if it involves Dora she is game!

Well after we had to eat first and then the FUN began!

Tessa LOVED the paper....more than her gifts! I think we could have gotten away with wrapping a bunch of empty boxes and she would have been just as stoked!

After the first one she did one of two things...... 1. she would try to put the paper she tore off back on

2. She would eat the paper she tore off!

Tessa LOVES seriously LOVES her.


This has to be my favorite picture from Christmas!

But I think we should have used that brush on Tessa's hair instead of Dora's!

Orange Rolls....a yearly tradition. Tony doesn't like the orange ones so guess what??? I at those all by myself!!! YEP...there are EIGHT of them!!!

Kids these days! We don't have a house phone...just our cell phones and poor Tessa has NO clue what I am playing with!!!

"What the heck is this BIG 'ol thing?"

These have to be the cutest PJs ever! Too cute to even be PJs so don't hate if you see us out shopping and she has her red tu-tu on!!

Breakfast with Mr & Mrs Claus

Tessa sure has had her share of visits with Santa. First was when he visited our house at the annual Sle-HAY ride, then at the mall and last but certainly not least was breakfast with Santa and that day he was nice enough to bring along Mrs Claus too!!

When we got home it wasn't long before a game of topless ball began!

Tossing the ball is one of her FAVORITE things to do...shirt or no shirt!

Pita has started to get jealous and really likes to join in on the fun. Since she can't play ball (she doesn't have opposable thumbs ya know!) Tony lets Tessa feed her treats.

Don't worry...Pita is VERY gentle...and YES Tessa still has her right hand!

My timing is great....check out that tongue!