Saturday, January 2, 2010

Breakfast with Mr & Mrs Claus

Tessa sure has had her share of visits with Santa. First was when he visited our house at the annual Sle-HAY ride, then at the mall and last but certainly not least was breakfast with Santa and that day he was nice enough to bring along Mrs Claus too!!

When we got home it wasn't long before a game of topless ball began!

Tossing the ball is one of her FAVORITE things to do...shirt or no shirt!

Pita has started to get jealous and really likes to join in on the fun. Since she can't play ball (she doesn't have opposable thumbs ya know!) Tony lets Tessa feed her treats.

Don't worry...Pita is VERY gentle...and YES Tessa still has her right hand!

My timing is great....check out that tongue!

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  1. There is just nothing like the love of a dog for his little girl...same at our house! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL. What an inspiring story. God has some important plans for that life on this earth. Oh, and the fun factor always goes up when items of clothes start flying off! I never know where I will find socks, shirts, pants, skirts around this house that have been discarded by my 5 and 2 year old daughters. Nice to have "met" you! Have a happy day!