Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick and Tired!

Tessa is sick...and we are tired! But I am pretty sure she is tired too! This is the FIRST time Tessa has really been sick. There have been times when we thought she was getting sick but she didn't. Last week we made what seemed the 20th trip to the pedi in the last 2 months to have her ears checked. It was confirmed....fluid AGAIN! Tubes ARE in our near future! We started another round of antibiotics....poor girl....she's been on them since my water broke with a break for about 2 months last year. Her poor little teeth are coming in so yellow...but guess least we have teeth! PRAISE GOD!

After our visit to the pedi Tessa's temp peaked at 102.9. I was confident it was the fluid and the fact she was about to cut two molars. We had to delay her BOTOX treatment for her foot drop that was scheduled for last Friday. Yesterday she woke with a runny nose and a CHUNKY cough! So it was back to the pedi! For my peace of mind I asked them to test her for RSV (yep....RSV is why that sign still hangs on our front door!). She was NEGATIVE so it looks like she's got the normal everyday cold.

I feel so bad for her...she's not sleeping well or eating much and she really doesn't understand what is going on. I wish I could just take it away and give it to myself.....but I think it may be too throat has started to hurt! UGH!

Here are some pics of my sick little girl....sick and tired....she's still pretty sweet!

I was thinking for sure this would be our chance to throw out the paci! I mean how could a stuffy nose girl possibly still suck on one? Well....she manages! Guess we'll get rid of him later!


  1. Sweet Tessa, I'm so sorry you're sick baby girl! Feel better soon.

    Jenna and the Nuggs

  2. Sorry to hear that Tessa is sick...hope she gets to feeling better soon and that ya'll get some good sleep!!

  3. Tiffany, thank you so much for your kind words, prayers and support. It means so much to me to know there are so many of God's children out there reaching out to each other in times like these. Thank you for being one of those incredible people.

  4. Poor little girl. Go cuddle that baby back to feeling better.