Thursday, February 25, 2010

New look...with a little help from some friends!

Like the new look???

I did it all by myself....well with a little help from some friends!!!

I've been following Sneaky Momma Blog Design for a some time now and have picked up some pretty neat tricks. Most have been used over at my other blog Steals, Deals and Heels, but today she posted about something that I new was perfect for Tessa's Tidings!

It was a tutorial on how to make a photo header. Actually Sneaky Momma referred me over to Clover Lane who I started following STAT! Thank you Sarah and Jill!!!

Click HERE to visit Sneaky Momma and HERE to read the header tutorial!!


  1. Gorgeous...looks like you might be onto another possible business?!

  2. I'm super excited that you just posted that. I just asked my computer saavy nephew if he would redo my blog. Now I can attempt it myself.

  3. Thanks for your comment on our blog...loved reading about YOUR little miracle girl as well. Arent we lucky to be chosen for such special babies?

    LOVE your cake pops...gonna have to make me some of those! TOO CUTE!

  4. I LOVE Sarah and Clover Lane! I've been a follower for well over a year and she is my all time favorite :) I love the new header! It looks great. Sarah's the genius behind every header I've ever done!