Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures....

I follow Kelly's Korner....doesn't everyone!? LOVE HER! And she posted her Simple Pleasures today...

Here are some of mine....

Opening a new bottle of formula and knowing it will only need about 30 seconds to heat up! We use ready feed!

Freshly cleaned and still warm sheets!

My favorite pair of jeans....the second day!

New mom parking at the mall!

Our Angel Care Monitor....for my blanket over the face sleeper!

Realizing I don't need to wash my face at bedtime because I am still in my PJs and didn't go anywhere that day!

Finding a FAB new blog like THIS one or THIS one!

When Tony wants to order pizza and I don't have to cook dinner!

Freshly mopped floors - even if I'm the one who just mopped them! (borrowed this one from Kelly but I feel the same way!)

Knowing my mom and dad live 5 blocks away and can be here in a flash!

Going back to bed (and snuggling) in the morning with Tessa and Tony!

Tessa's "sponge" face....Tony's always saying her brain is a sponge and it is amazing when you can really see her "sponge" soaking it all in!

I could go on for days...

What are some of yours?

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