Friday, May 14, 2010

My cousin Vinny

Vincent had a pool party at GG's house and invited Tessa over....

Before you watch the videos scroll down to the bottom of the blog and turn off the music!!!

PT in the pool!

We've started physical therapy in the pool once a week and Tessa LOVES it! She can actually stand right up and walk along the's amazing!

I take my camera each week but I feel awkward snapping pics because we share the pool with a geriatric exercise class....I can't imagine they want me taking their pics!

This was a pic from Tessa's first session...

I think she is wondering why in the heck I let her out in public with plastic panties on....on the outside of her clothes!!??

Since it is a public pool, we were provided with those fancy plastic pants....she has to wear a swim diaper PLUS plastic pants!

This was the following week....I decided to spare her any more embarrassment and put her plastic pants UNDER her suit!!

Catchin' some Rays

I hope you didn't think this post involved the sun.....

Cheering on The Tampa Bay Rays!!!

my friend Mandy and her beautiful daughter Bailey!

First taste of Dip-n-Dots
(please excuse my "dirty" hands....I had just gotten a spray tan and my paws seems to develop a little more than the rest of my body!?)

Reading with daddy.....we had a BIG bag of tricks for when Tessa got tired of cheering on the team!

We did it!

Please say a BIG prayer for Mandy's mother in law, Barbara....she suffered a massive stroke recently and could use as many people praying for her as possible!