Friday, August 27, 2010

Come one, Come all.....

 I still can't believe that 2 years ago this month my sweet miracle was born! Her birthday is a VERY special celebration to us....we were told too many times that she would not survive being born 15 weeks premature.

I found the theme for Tessa's party over a year ago while looking around my favorite party blog....Kara's Party Ideas. I knew I needed to start planning a whole 9 months early!

Though I had been planning for what seemed like a century NOTHING could have prepared me for the monsoon we experienced about an hour before our guests were due to arrive. I'm pretty sure Mother Nature was paying me back for complaining that Tessa's Ladybug Soiree last year must have been the HOTTEST day of the year.

Though the decorations and tents got wet it didn't spoil our fun. Our friends and family had no trouble trampling through the mud to get to the Popcorn Toss, Duck Pond, Gone Fishing or Bean Bag Toss Games to fill their goody bags with Goldfish in a Bag (which I made myself!), Bags of Cotton Candy, Animal Crackers, Punching Balloons and Tattoos.

All in all (even with tile floors covered in mud) it was a wonderful day. And not even the rain could keep us from celebrating our miracle girl!


All the kids posed for pics with this awesome prop Tessa's Pap Brad made

These are a few of my favorites....



Is it just me or does it look like that nose was photoshoped on....he didn't move a hair in between shots!


Tessa is going thru a shy stage when she is the center of attention. This photo pretty much explains it all!


Sitting amongst all her gifts!

I must say that planning so early allowed me to NOT break the bank...which my husband really appreciated. A few ways I saved was to ALWAYS be on the look out for ANYTHING red, blue or yellow or carnival themed. I found LOTS of stuff in the $1 bins at Target and at The Dollar Tree. All the printables were from Paper & Pigtales which I won (yippe) from a giveaway on Courtney Vickers Blog.

My mother in law, Karan, made this AWESOME sticker for the envelopes!

Here are links/info for the vendors and shops I used for the various items....

Cupcakes and Cake were from Sam's Club.....$12.99 for 30 cupcakes!!!
Tessa's Crown ~ my friend Amy from TrueLove Found (but she's closed the shop)  :(
Various tableware was from Hobby Lobby & Party City
I got the Cotton Candy & Popcorn makers from a garage sale for $5 & $10
Papa Brad made the signage and props by hand!
The GIANT Clown Pez dispenser is from a garage sale
I stenciled the table clothes myself ~ paper tables clothes are from Sam's Club
My cousin and her friend were kind enough to dress as clowns and paint faces

If there is anything in the photos you'd like more info on just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer!