Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh My Soul Tristin

You may recall what seems like FOREVER ago the great Courtney Vickers took THESE pics of Miss Tessa. Well, we HAD to make sure she took some of Sweet Tristin.

I was over the moon excited to get smooshy, sleepy new baby pics.....with Tessa being so early we couldn't get pics like this of her.

Tonight to my excitement Courtney posted a preview of some of the pics taken....



If you live in the Tampa Bay area you MUST follow Courtney's blog or facebook page. Occasionally she posts mini session info and the fee is a STEAL!!

Even if you don't live here, you should still follow it....I mean who wouldn't want to look as sweet babies like this every now and then!!?



  1. How about melt my soul! Oh my goodness, that Tristin is a beauty!

  2. Hello my name is Felicia.
    I have past by your blog before but forgot for some odd reason to become a follower.(I am now an official follower of your blog) I can relate to you because I too had a preemie at just 25 weeks. My daughter weighed 1 lbs 4 oz! She unfortunately died after 7 months of life due to liver failure.(now we know the liver failure was because of TPN)Feel free to follow my journey @
    look forward to your next update...todays was beautiful and heart warming.