Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Hyperbaric Chamber.....our home away from home

I am always reminded how lucky we are to live where we do. We are 10 minutes (if that) from the Gulf of Mexico....less than 2 hours from Disney World....we have a MLB an NFL and a NHL team with venues just minutes from our house. Why would you want to live anywhere else???

Recently I discovered another gem we are lucky to have.....Chamber of Hope.

Chamber of Hope provides FREE (yes FREE!!) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to children that have Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Shaken Baby Syndrome and other special needs. Besides the fact that they DO NOT CHARGE A PENNY, this is run out of their home! Yes.....from 9-5 Monday thru Friday they open their HOME to people like Tessa and I.

Sessions are an hour long for 3 months, five days a week. This has added 5 more appointments to our schedule for a total of 9 every week! Needless to say we stay pretty busy!

Pardon the pics...they were taken from my phone.....but I wanted to share with you....

They've given up their living room to set-up these 4 chambers

Our view from inside. I will admit the first time I climbed in I felt like I was getting in a coffin. I did my best to not let Tessa know I was about to FREAK OUT because the look on her face pretty much told me she was just as freaked as I was!

(Thank goodness for the DVD player!)

This is how she naps these days :(

(I can't look at that picture for too long.....her head position is creepy!)

Wonder where the heck Tristin is through out all this??

Another thing we are lucky to have is an AMAZING family! Both of our parents live very close and are always willing to help out. MeMe (my mom) watches Tristin 3 days a week during our HBOT, Nana Karan watches her on Wednesdays and Tony takes her once a week to a few offices during our session.

Some may wonder why I am putting us through this crazy schedule but what kind of mother would I be if I didn't give Tessa EVERY possible "treatment" available to her? Even if there is a slight improvement it is all worth it!

Speaking of improvement we've noticed a BIG difference in her speech. Our speech therapist is amazed with the progress after just one week. Tessa is still speaking Tesslish (that's her language) but it's more understandable and she is trying to talk way more.

Last week was also Tessa's first dental appointment.  I was sure they would have to give her gas (laughing gas) since brushing her teeth ends in a wrestling match between her and I but she shocked the heck out of me. Yes, she was still a wiggle worm but she let the hygienist clean them and the dentist look around. NO cavities!!

I'm so jealous and am thinking of asking them if I can be a patient too....

YES this cool train is in the waiting room!

And she's watching TV...a TV that is mounted in the CEILING!!! How could she NOT love this place!?

I couldn't post without including something about CHUNKY Tristin. She is amazing! The BEST baby ever. She's so happy and laid back. Tessa keeps us on our toes so I am pretty sure GOD knew what he was doing when he made Tristin so good!

Easter Bunny 2011

"Dude, you can have her! Just give me a piece of chocolate and we'll call it even!"