Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shame on me....

Shame on me for not sharing photos of my girls with you!!

We've been sooooo busy with our daily chamber appointments on top of our other appointments that I've totally neglected this blog....and my house. You can tell by this update that my house is last on my list of priorities ;)

Before I share the latest pics I thought I'd share something I've decided to do for ME! Some days I feel like ME is missing and I've decided to bring ME back! I signed up to be a Vault Denim Consultant. Ever heard of Vault Denim?? It's pretty new. It's like Tupperware but instead of me bringing stuff for you to store your left-overs in I bring denim....designer denim!! Designers you buy at Nordstrom's or Saks at up to 50% off retail!! Shorts, jeans, skirts, cropped's awesome!!! And the BEST part is that Vault Denim provides the inventory for you so you don't have to buy your display products like MOST home party companies!!

HERE is a link to my website and HERE is the link to my facebook page if you are curious!!! Feel free to send a message with any questions!! I'm building a team all over the country!!!


Okay now on to my amazingly beautiful girls....

Tristin is 5 months old.....I can't believe it!! And I'm planning Tessa's third birthday!!! Where has the time gone??